About AutoWellWashers

autowellwasher wall mount
The McBerns AutoWellWasher™ has been in the market place for 24 years and it is still going the preferred method to assist in keeping pump stations fat free and improve the maintenance of expensive infrastructure.The AutoWellWasher is included in design specifications for new pump station designs for many Water Authorities throughout Australia and New Zealand.It is wholly designed and manufactured in Australia with Australian, United States & International Patents.The AutoWellWasher  design uses only clean water or recycled treated effluent at mains pressure to keep pump stations clean, making the wet well environment safer for work crews to carry out maintenance tasks.
The principle behind the design is simple: if the fat is washed away before it has a chance to solidify it is easily removed from the walls and pumps.
The washer has also been shown to significantly reduce sulfide corrosion on concrete walls, pumps and other internal infrastructure components. There are fewer confined space entries required, only when essential maintenance tasks are needed. Also the internal atmosphere is cleaner reducing the risk of H2S gas poisoning.
The total water usage for a single washer can be as little as 100lts per day without compromising the cleaning effectiveness.
During the extreme drought conditions in S.E. Qld in the early 2000’s one council tweaked the washers down to 1×1 minute wash per day and the washer still kept the pump stations clean.

wall mounted well washer
AutoWellWasher Keeps Pump Stations Fat Free  (Wall Mount )
wellwasher GuideRail
AutoWellWasher Keeps Fat Away in Deep Pump Station (Guide Rail) Reduced Confined Space Entries
wellwasher guide rail mount
AutoWellWasher on guide rail
autowellwasher wall mount
AutoWellWasher Uses ONLY 100lts of WATER PER DAY To Keep Pump Stations Fat Free