Asset Management, Maintenance and Improvement Services

McBerns supports its water industry customers by offering a suite of asset management services, specialising in odour monitoring and management, as well as asset inspection, reporting and repairs. Our experienced team have the expertise to:
  • Optimise your current asset maintenance strategy
  • Manage odorous sites and your existing odour filter network.
  • Conduct network investigations
  • Undertake manhole, pump station and SPS facility maintenance
  • Assess asset condition/corrosion and odour generation potential
  • Conduct H2S gas monitoring as well as sulphide sampling and testing
  • Assess filter media capacity and the remaining useful life of odour filters, dosing systems and void protection/access systems (i.e. McBerns and other proprietary systems) using best practice sampling and testing methods
  • Provide written reports on facility and/or network performance; and develop site specific management plans regarding maintenance planning recommendations including repairs, improvements and upgrades
  • Inspection and maintenance of fugitive and point source odours
  • Inspection and assessment of fall protection equipment
  • Inspection and assessment of lid lift weight and trip hazard compliance
  • Inspection and maintenance of filter connecting pipework, media and extraction units