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Cleaner Air for Rosemount Qld

McBerns has completed an install of a ZC1500 on an odorous air valve along with our bolt-down safety access cover over the pit.

This site now has 24/7 odour control. It operates passively NO POWER or WATER required, making it perfect for remote sites.

The air valve was located along an easement between rural residential housing. It was emitting H2S resulting in customer complaints. After extensive evaluation it was decided to install a ZC1500 with a 6 meter vent pole and wind assisted fan. A temporary filter was installed to capture the H2S emissions whilst the filter installation was carried out.

There was excavation work required to prepare the site for the extension of the concrete slab around the existing air valve to mount the ZC1500 and vent pole. Landscaping work was undertaken to finish the contract.