Design and Manufacture


With the inception of the AutoWellWasherTM, the earliest beginnings of McBerns were a result of innovative design.

It is this focus that has guided the ongoing development of the McBerns product range and now underpins the design function.

Be it a complex odour issue or integrated cover and void protection system, including structural supports, the McBerns design team employs specialist knowledge and decades of industry experience to develop an effective solution that combines safety in design and value for money.

McBerns design services include detailed design and drafting, and consulting services, backed by RPEQ certification.

MANUFACTURE McBerns has developed a solid reputation for its innovative approach to void protection and odour control system designs. We offer a comprehensive fabrication and installation service for our Odour Filters and Safety Access Covers. All McBerns products are locally manufactured in Australia.

Our Access Covers  have set new safety standards in design and manufacture. They are a class above the rest with the inclusion many safety features as standard.

All our Access Covers are individually designed to suit each site, under close consultation with the client.  We can manufacture large complex access cover designs with multiple openings right down to small single opening covers.

No cover is ever too big or small!

Our Odour Filter Units are also capturing the market because of their performance in the field and their ease of use and installation. They are mixed media filters and can operate without power or water if required. The range and versatility of our odour filters cover small domestic units right up to the large industrial size units.

The filter units have a reputation for the speed with which they eliminate odours as well as their reliability and longevity.

Data logging records to date show that the mixed media in the filters can last up to 5 years without replacement. Our experienced staff using modern odour logging methods can evaluate the odour problem then recommend correct size odour unit required.