Digital Smart Relay = Water Savings

We are acutely aware that water is a precious commodity and want to care for the environment by keeping consumption to a minimum, so we have teamed the AutoWellWasherTM with a programmed smart relay controller.

We use the Allen-Bradley Micro810 Smart Relay Controller which is used to activate the wellwasher cycles. McBerns has had the relay controller pre-programmed with 5 cleaning cycle durations. Each cycle variation will ensure that the wellwasher unit will achieve the optimum cleaning results in each pump station. Easily fitted by an electrician to the board at the pump station.

No programming necessary just select a cleaning cycle.

Trials have shown that a fatty pump station can be kept clean by a program of a 1 minute wash at 4 hour intervals using as little as 100 litres of water per day.


 Just 3 x 1 minute washes per 24hr period our washer will keep your pump station clean, fat free, reduce corrosion & odours using as little as 100 litres of water per day! Think about it!……This is less than one person’s water allocation for a day! One pump station could be servicing up to 500 homes with an average 2.5 occupants.

McBerns Digital Timing System saves water, saves pump stations and it’s infrastructure, saves time and maintenance costs.