LFPR – with Post Hole Receptacles

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LFPR Load B 3

LFPR: With post hole receptacles

This configuration is suited for small openings where the grates and openings do not meet the 900mm height regulations for a void protection barrier.
The post hole receptacles are located within the lid frame to reduce dirt and leaf litter build-up.
The post hole receptacle has a 52mm ID and will take a 50mm Dia tube.

Post & Rail Kits are available in various lengths for purchase.


  • Post & Rail receptacles provide for the inclusion of a post and rail barrier
  • Hinged Safety grate double or single (side preference optional)
  • Single or double openings
  • Flush Mounted low profile
  • Rubber Sealed
  • Post holes inside lid frame
  • Post & rail kits available in varying lengths:(not included) can supply
  • Strong light weight with non-slip coating
  • Lid opens fully flat to the ground
  • Ideal for pedestrian paths or bike ways



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