LFVP: 4-Sided Void Protection Safety Access Cover

Flush Mount 4-sided Void Protection Access Cover


The most important reason is ON-SITE SAFETY which our 4-Sided Void Protection Access Cover will provide for your work crews.

The safety grate system is incorporated under the lid, so when the maintenance crews open the access covers the grates are always in place. When it is necessary to access inside the void it is simple and quick to open the grates to form a complete void protection barrier on site, so safety is not left to chance. If needed all the grates can be removed to allow complete access for repair or removal of equipment from the void.

The LFVP is our leading performer for ease of use, functionality and safety!  McBerns Safety Access Covers should be your first choice!

  • Custom designed & manufactured to suit most sites
  • Safety grates are incorporated under the cover within the frame
  • Safety Grates opened in sequence to form a complete safety barrier
  • Flush Mounted to reduce trip hazards
  • Frame depth is 180mm
  • Single, double or multiple opening
  • Can also be mounted on a concrete hob or an aluminum safety skirt
  • Non slip/anti-theft coating
  • Rubber Seal reduces water ingress and odours escaping.
  • Gas sampling port
  • Lightweight lid lift under 20kgs
  • Easy lift handles on safety grates
  • Anti-luce fasteners provides a fast & safe secure on grates

STANDARD LFVP SIZE ACCESS COVER: McBerns produces a Standard LFVP size of 1.05m x 1.05m which when open, will conform to AN/NZS 3996 standard safety grate height. By standardizing the cover size it improves efficiency in manufacture and supply, without sacrificing safety.