McBerns Policies

McBerns is continuing to set high standards in all aspects of our operation. Listed below are our Operational Policies which we are committed to perform to the best of our abilities. All staff have signed off on these policies and are expected to carry out their duties in the safest and appropriate manner at all times.

Workplace Health and Safety Policy

McBerns Pty Ltd is committed to ensuring a safe and healthy workplace for it’s workers by eliminating or minimising the risk of injury to people and the risk of damage to plant and Equipment. This is achieved by following relevant legislation and adopting a risk management strategy of
  • Identifying Hazards in the workplace
  • Assessing risk to workers and others
  • Deciding on controls and measures
  • Implementing those controls and measures
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of those controls
Each employee has the responsibility to :
  • Follow all safe work practices, procedures, instructions and rules.
  • Work in a manner which ensures the health and safety of him or herself and others.
  • Encourage other workers to work in a healthy and safe manner.
  • Participate in training.
  • Report or rectify any unsafe conditions that come to their attention.
All employees must take reasonable precautions and exercise proper diligence to comply with safety obligations. If any employee has any safety concerns in a particular instance he/she should report it to the supervisor for consultation and guidance.No employee is to perform a task in circumstances that are considered unsafe. McBerns promotes the participation of workers in the safety program Workers have obligations under the Workplace Health & Safety Act 2011 and are expected to follow McBerns safety directions to maintain a safe and healthy workplace, It is a requirement of McBerns that every employee is to read and sign this document before their employment is commenced. Employer’s Name: McBERNS PTY LTD Policy Update : 30/07/2012

Quality Assurance Policy


MCBERNS PTY LTD has guidelines for all employees regarding Quality Policy


The purpose of this policy is to explain the general procedures relating to Quality Policy


The following guidelines are to be adhered to by all employees, supervisors and employees.


MCBERNS PTY LTD is engaged in the business of design, manufacture and supply of goods used in the Water and Wastewater Industry and this policy applies to all of our divisions throughout the organisation.The purpose of this policy is to confirm our commitment to meeting the quality standards expected by our customers in the delivery of the products and/or services that we supply to them. Our quality system is based on the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008 Our quality objectives are to:
  1. Use the Quality Management System as a tool in achieving best practice outcomes across the organisation;
  2. Ensure continuous improvement.
To implement this policy we shall focus on the needs of our business with particular reference to consistently meeting our customers’ requirements and statutory obligations. Our quality management system will provide mechanisms for detecting system shortfalls and for stimulating process improvements. MCBERNS PTY LTD will adopt procedures and disciplines to ensure that:
  1. The system is effectively implemented by undertaking relevant skills training and conducting appropriate quality awareness training;
  2. Responsibilities for quality are established by communicating these responsibilities clearly to all employees;
  3. The policy and procedures continue to be appropriate by initiating regular reviews to check its effectiveness and ongoing relevance, and the company regularly review the needs and expectations of our customers and initiate continuous improvement activities to meet these expectations.
Policy Update: 30/07/2012

Smoke-Free Workplace Policy

There is strong scientific evidence that passive smoking is hazardous to health. In accordance with its legal obligations to protect the health and safety of those who work and visit this site, McBERNS PTY LTD has developed the following smoke-free workplace policy:


  1. Managers of McBERNS PTY LTD have allocated designated smoking areas for staff and ensure that the Queensland Government Laws are abided.
  2. No smoking in any McBERNS PTY LTD buildings or enclosed area containing a roof and three (3) or more walls.
  3. No smoking within four (4) metre radius of the entrance to any McBERNS PTY LTD buildings
  4. No smoking in areas where the general public will be exposed to passive cigarette smoke.
  5. The designated area must only contain a roof and no more than two (2) walls.
  6. The designated smoking area must be confined away from non-smoking employees that would be exposed to the inhalation of cigarette smoke.
  7. Staff are required to refrain from smoking outside of their allocated tea and lunch breaks.
  8. Staff are not permitted to smoke in any McBERNS PTY LTD external buildings, including toilets and McBERNS PTY LTD Company Vehicles.
Policy Update : 30/07/2012

Drug and Alcohol Policy


McBerns Pty ltd aims to provide and maintain a workplace environment that not only protects the health and safety of all workplace participants whilst at work, but also facilitates a productive workplace. A safe and productive work environment includes the respectful treatment of others in the workplace. The use of drugs and/or alcohol in the workplace may impair a workplace participant’s ability to perform their work safely, efficiently and with respect for colleagues, customers and others. The purpose of this Policy is to reduce the likelihood of injury, damage and/or other negative effects resulting from alcohol and/or drug use and/or abuse in the work environment. This Policy does not form part of any contract between any workplace participant and McBerns Pty Ltd.


This Policy applies to all existing and prospective full-time, part-time and casual employees, (as well as all agents and contractors (including temporary contractors or subcontractors) engaged from time to time) of McBerns Pty Ltd (and its related entities), collectively referred to in this Policy as “workplace participants”. This Policy is not restricted to the workplace or work hours. The obligations contained in this Policy extend to all functions and places that are work-related. A “work-related function” is any function or event that is connected to work. For example, conferences, work lunches or meetings, Christmas parties, client functions, etc. Workplace participants must comply with this Policy at all work-related functions. Any reference to work in this Policy includes a work-related function. This Policy also applies when workplace participants go to other workplaces in connection with work, for example when visiting a customer, client or supplier


Except as set out in this Policy, workplace participants are not permitted to do the following:
  1. work while under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol;
  2. commence or return to work while under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol;
  3. consume or use illegal drugs and/or alcohol at work or during work hours (even whilst off site);
  4. bring illegal drugs to work;
  5. sell or dispense drugs at work; or
  6. possess illegal drugs at work.
McBerns Pty Ltd will not be liable for the consequences (property damage, injury etc) of any illegal or inappropriate actions of any workplace participant whilst he/she is affected by drugs and/or alcohol. The workplace participant will be personally liable in such circumstances.


Where a workplace participant is taking prescription or pharmacy drugs for a legitimate medicalpurpose, the workplace participant will not breach this Policy by attending work, if:
  1. the workplace participant takes the prescription and pharmacy drugs in accordance with the instructions of his/her medical practitioner and normal directions applying to the use of those drugs;
  2. the workplace participant does not misuse or abuse prescription or pharmacy drugs;
  3. the workplace participant informs himself/herself of the impact of consumption of alcohol on prescription and pharmacy drugs and limits their consumption accordingly and in compliance with this Policy; and
  4. the workplace participant checks with their medical practitioner or pharmacist about the effect of the drug on his/her ability to drive vehicles, operate machinery and generally perform their work duties in a safe manner. If a workplace participant’s ability to perform his/her work safely may be affected by the prescription or pharmacy drugs they are taking (or propose to take), the workplace participant should obtain advice in writing from the medical practitioner or pharmacist and provide it to his/her manager or supervisor, before undertaking his/her work.
If McBerns Pty Ltd suspects that a workplace participant’s ability to safely perform work is affected, McBerns Pty Ltd may take steps to address the issue in accordance with this Policy.


McBerns Pty Ltd may waive the prohibition on the consumption of alcohol in certain circumstances for special functions, for example, at a staff function, Christmas party, client function etc. The decision to waive this prohibition is at the sole discretion of the senior responsible person attending. Even when McBerns Pty Ltd waives the general prohibition on consumption of alcohol, the following restrictions continue to apply at all work-related functions:
  1. workplace participants must consume alcohol responsibly;
  2. workplace participants must not become inebriated or drunk. As set out above, it is a condition of waiving the prohibition on alcohol that workplace participants consume alcohol responsibly;
  3. workplace participants must uphold an appropriate standard of behaviour at all times and inebriation is not an “excuse” for misconduct;
  4. the restrictions set out below in relation to the operation of vehicles and machinery continue to apply; and
  5. workplace participants must ensure a safe means of transport from such functions. Workplace participants must not drive any vehicle if they are over the legal blood alcohol limit. Workplace participants who do not have a means of transport should advise their supervisor or manager in order to arrange transport.


Workplace participants must not, in any circumstances, drive a vehicle or operate machinery if they are under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs or prescription or pharmacy drugs which may affect their ability to drive the vehicle or operate the machinery in a safe manner. McBerns Pty Ltd will not accept liability for any damage to any machinery or vehicle, any injury to any person, or damage to any other property caused by a workplace participant’s use of a vehicle or machinery while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The workplace participant will be personally liable in such circumstances. Where a workplace participant is taking prescription or pharmacy drugs that contain a warning that the person should not drive a vehicle or operate machinery, the workplace participant must not drive any vehicle or operate any machinery and must notify their supervisor or manager. Further, if a workplace participant is taking prescription or pharmacy drugs and feels that their ability to safely drive a vehicle or operate machinery is affected (regardless of whether or not the drug contains a relevant warning), the workplace participant must not drive any vehicle or operate any machinery and must notify their manager or supervisor of this fact.


Workplace participants must comply with this Policy at all times. If an employee is found to have breached this Policy, they may be subjected to disciplinary action in accordance with the Performance and Misconduct Policy. The type and severity of the disciplinary action will depend upon the circumstances of the case and the seriousness of the breach. In serious cases, this may include termination of employment. Examples of disciplinary action that may be taken include (but are not limited to):
  1. counselling;
  2. a formal warning;
  3. demotion;
  4. transfer to another area;
  5. suspension; and
  6. termination of employment.
Agents or contractors (including temporary contractors) of McBerns Pty Ltd who are found to have breached this Policy may have their contracts with McBerns Pty Ltd terminated or not renewed. In circumstances where a workplace participant’s behaviour or conduct may involve a breach of any Australian laws, (or any other laws (including foreign and international laws) to which McBerns Pty Ltd is subject or which apply to the work performed by workplace participants for McBerns Pty Ltd then McBerns Pty Ltd may notify the police or other relevant authority. Policy Update: 30/07/2012

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McBerns Pty Ltd is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. Our aim is to ensure that every employee and job applicant gets a fair go. Your sex, marital status, pregnancy, race, age, disability, homosexuality, transgender status or carers’ responsibilities make no difference to us. What matters to us is that you are the best person for the job, and that you are supported and allowed to do a good job. Compliance with this policy will help provide a safe, healthy work environment, ensure the well being and performance of our employees and assist towards making McBerns Pt Ltd an efficient and effective workplace. We recognise that you can’t do a good job or be fully productive if you feel someone at McBerns is treating you unfairly, discriminating against you, or harassing you because of your sex, marital status, pregnancy, race, age, disability, homosexuality, transgender status or carers’ responsibilities. That is why we will not support any type of discrimination or harassment in our workplace. It is also against the law for any employee to discriminate against or harass another employee or job applicant. Furthermore it is also against the law to discriminate against our suppliers and contractors in the provision of goods and services. There is to be no sexual harassment, sexist harassment, racist harassment, or any other type of harassment that is against the law in our workplace. There is to be no sex discrimination, race discrimination, age discrimination, or any other type of discrimination that is against the law in our workplace. Various Federal and State legislation – such as the Commonwealth Sex Discrimination Act 1984 and the QLD Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 – provide that it is unlawful to discriminate against a person on certain prohibited grounds of discrimination.


We will recruit new employees fairly — on the basis of merit — that is, the person who is the best person for the job will get the job. Fair access to workplace opportunities and benefits: We will give every employee fair access to all workplace opportunities and benefits. We will encourage every employee to make full use of their particular skills and abilities. We will take particular care to make sure that we do not discriminate against employees (or job applicants) who have either a temporary or permanent physical, intellectual or psychiatric disability or illness. We will provide any such employee with any facilities or services they need to enable them to do the essential parts of their job — as long as it is possible for us to do this. For example, we may provide additional equipment, different working arrangements, and so on, if this will help ensure the employee can still do their own or another job.


If you feel someone is treating you unfairly or harassing you, we want you to tell us as soon as possible, so that we can sort things out as fast as possible. We won’t victimise you for speaking out and we will do our utmost to ensure that no-one here victimises you for either supporting someone else’s complaint or for putting forward your own complaint.


If we find out that you have been responsible for treating another employee unfairly, or for harassing them, you may be disciplined. If we find out that you have been responsible for victimising someone because they complained about discrimination or harassment, or because they supported someone else’s complaint, you may be disciplined. If what you have done is extremely serious, it could lead to your dismissal. Policy Date: 12/9/2012