Odour Logging Data

Over the years we have been collecting extensive odour logging data to demonstrate the effectiveness of our odour filters. Collecting this data history is critical as it enables us continually improve the effectiveness and economies of our filters performance.

We have had a ZC1200 control filter operating in the field for 4 years, we have not to change the media cartridges or the carbon during this time and we're having some astounding results.

The filter location was in the sports grounds of a school in Brisbane on an air valve of a major sewer pipe line. There were a combination of issues that contributed to the odour problems, long retention times and the distance the sewerage had to flow between pump stations.

It was decided to install a ZC1200 on site with a wind assisted fan on a 3metre vent pole to assist the removal of gases.  There is no power or water on site so the filter is working in a passive capacity.

The data below was collected using two odour loggers to record from the inlet and outlet sides of the ZC1200 over a 7day period.

The site had average air-flows with medium to high H2S reading, sometimes exceeding 1000pmmV.

The ZC1200 Filter treatment capacity is H2S gases 1000ppmV plus and air flows of 200l/s plus.

Odour Logging Data taken from the Inlet Side of Filter

This data collection period shows fluctuating readings, with H2S readings in excess of 900 - 1000ppmV.

Odour Logging Data taken from the Outlet side of Filter

The odour logging reading taken on the outlet shows zero H2S.

The Results are Impressive

This particular ZC1200 Odour Filter has been on site for 4 years and has been reproducing consistent results:

High H2S in and Zero H2S out....   No More Odours....   No More Complaints....