Odour Management

The McBerns Combined Odour Filters are uniquely placed in the treatment and management of odours caused by hydrogen sulfide, acidic gases & volatile organic carbons throughout the sewerage network.

They don’t mask odours, they adsorb, absorb & treat the odorous emissions without chemical scrubbing, Bio-Mass treatment, power or water!

Combined Media Filters are a proven efficient, cost effective way to treat odours.




The Vent Odour Filters are designed to be fitted to emission vent poles in both domestic and commercial applications.

They can be used on vent stacks, pump station buildings, sewer lines, overflow tanks, holding tanks, manholes, trade waste/grease traps and commercial premises where odours occur.

Suited for vent pipe dimensions from 50mmD, 100mmD, 150mmD and 300mmD or can be adapted to suit pipe diameters. Wind assisted fans can be fitted for extra extraction.

Treating low to medium emissions with air flows ranging from as little as 2L/s up to 20L/s


The Ground Mount Filters are just that, mounted at ground level; making installation, monitoring and servicing easier, safer and more cost effective.

They can be utilised for wider applications and are commonly used to replace old corroded vent poles or mounted on air valves, receiving manholes, small pump stations and small treatment systems.

Sizes range from our GM150 up to the GM700 which will eliminate odours in your sewerage systems.


  Treating low to medium emissions with air flows ranging from as little as 7L/s up to 60L/s


The ZC-Series Filters are our larger industrial units.  Designed for use on trunk sewerage systems, sewer air-release valves, manholes, pump stations, packaged treatment systems, sewer pressure main discharge and treatment plants.

Designed with flexibility can be used as stand alone units or placed in parallel to achieve the designed treatment capacity.

They can be operated as either passive or extractive units, capturing large gas surges which occur with high-volume sewage flows.

Treating  medium  to extreme emissions with air flows ranging from as little as 100L/s up to 260L/s Plus





McBerns has been working with water authorities for over 27 years to develop an odour treatment system that will provide a comprehensive solution.                    Our research and development team have used data collection and analysis, valuable in-field experience and evaluation, to design this unique odour treatment system.

Our foremost objectives have consistently been to achieve class leading odour abatement, simplicity and safety in design, plus cost effectiveness for customers. Our McBerns Combined Odour Filters achieve all of the above and more.



  • Adsorbs & treats gases fast
  • Low operating & maintenance costs
  • Long media life compared to standard carbon filters
  • Economical & effective
  • Odour logging data support & back-up
  • Need no internal regulation of water or nutrients
  • Don’t use temperamental living organisms
  • Replacement media  available
  • Quick, safe & easy to install & service
  • Size range to suit all sites
  • Adaptable to any pipe size
  • Wind assisted or electric fans available
  • Operational flexibility - can be disconnected and reconnected without impact to operations
  • Require little to no automation or programming
  • Are capable of passive filtration(no power or water required)
  • Have no moving parts, no programming required
  • Provide increased safety for maintenance staff including less need to deal with hazardous materials.


It is a multi-stage process allowing for a more comprehensive removal of noxious emissions including H2S, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and other noxious gases as they pass through the three stages.

The final treatment stage uses McBerns Combined Media Cartridges. It is at this stage that the filtration process truly surpasses carbon only filtration.

Our uniquely formulated media absorbs odours and facilitates chemical conversion. This continuous process is the key to the removal of any residual H2S along with other gases and VOCs that have not been captured by the carbon.


The odour abatement potential of Combined Media Filtration has proven itself time and time again for our customers, often being used where other filtration units have failed. It has been found to be effective under Australian water industry conditions with H2S concentration in excess of 1000ppm.

In addition the unique filtration process allows for the simultaneous filtration of low H2S averages and high H2S peaks without the need for filter alteration. The outstanding performance of our Combined Filtration continues to impress our customers, regularly out-performing design calculations.


Many mainstream odour treatment processes are complex in both design and operation, resulting in high inputs and poor results, our innovative Combined Filtration Process is the complete opposite. The filters can operate effectively without power, water or complicated programming. The replaceable media cartridges make them easy and safe to service.


The simple design of Combined Media Filters allows for significant cost reductions, when compared to more complex options, which require high capital outlay and often fail at providing an effective solution. Even with the recurring cost of media replacement, on average, the net present value over a 10-year period equates to 40% lower cost than its bio-filter equivalent.


McBerns filters are simple to install and service. In most cases there is no need for electrical or water connections and no programming is required for the filters to operate efficiently. Installation is kept simple by providing a filter that is ready for immediate use, requiring only minor site work to connect the filter. Our combined media cartridges make servicing of the McBerns Odour Filter Range easy and safe. The spent cartridges can be disposed into landfill