Odour Monitoring Services

McBerns is an industry specialist in odour assessment and management. Along with being a major supplier of odour maintenance products, we also provide in field odour monitoring services to municipalities and water authorities.

Our highly experienced and trained staff have the capability to -
• investigate odour issues in sewerage networks or treatment plants
• investigate odour maintenance environmental compliance
• use specialised, calibrated H2S monitoring equipment
• install remote gas monitoring and reporting equipment
• provide safe access for maintenance crews during planned network interruptions
• prioritisation of odour management sites

All the data collected is compiled into a monthly, electronic, graphical report for the client’s convenience.

Advantages of utilising McBerns’ odour monitoring services include
• no additional staff training
• having access to specialised equipment maintained and repaired by qualified technicians
• a guarantee that confined space entry is conducted by experienced qualified staff
• assurance that odour management equipment is deployed how, when and where it is required

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