ManUp Key – Manhole Cover Lifter

McBerns brings you another Innovative Safety Product to keep your workers safe and free from injury.

The ManUp Key is a manhole lifter that will change the way your workers tackle impossibly seized manhole covers. Manholes can now be lifted without chiselling or hammering.

This new patent pending* tool provides a momentary upward force of 1.5 tonnes! Thanks to the 8Kg weight and slide hammer action you are effectively hammering the manhole up!

Traditional techniques for releasing stubborn manhole covers often have health and safety implications through severe back injuries and damaged or broken manhole covers.

“The ManUp Key provides a one-man solution to allow seized manholes to be released without chiseling or hammering.”




The ManUp Key has assorted interchangeable tips to suit most manhole covers. The Key provides leverage without all the stress and strain associated with conventional lifters and without the bulk!

ManUP Key Benefits:


Every Maintenance Truck Needs a ManUp Key!


*Patent Number PCT/GB2016/053399