Byron Shire Council – ZC1500 at Sewerage Treatment Plant

Byron Bay Shire Council contracted McBerns to solve an odour issue at one of their sewerage treatment plants located near an Environmental Parkland. 

Client and Company: Byron Bay Shire Council

Location of Project: Byron Bay STP Project

Contract Date: May 2014

Description of Project: Design, supply and installation of ZC1500 odour filter. High air flow site where H2S gas and mercaptans were evident.



The installation site was at a sewerage treatment plant along side an environmental park. There is a large existing extraction fan sucking from the inlet channel of the treatment plant where high readings of H2S were common.  After extensive evaluation and site assessment it was decided to install a ZC1500 Extraction Unit to extract and treat the odours before releasing it back to atmosphere.


The ZC1500 unit was positioned away from the inlet channel and connected to an existing extraction fan supplying 120l/s to the filter creating a negative pressure around the inlet channel making it safe for staff to carry out maintenance and cleaning on the elevated inlet channel.


  1. Supply a level pad to mount odour filter
  2. Craning of filter into position
  3. Connection plumbing
  4. Running and commissioning


The ZC-Series filters are fast and easy to install and commission creating little or no disruption to operations.
The filter has been operating for some months without an further odour issues.


Byron Bay Shire Council