Installation of ZC4000 Odour Filter Unit at Sewage Pump Station

Unitywater contracted McBerns to supply and install a ZC4000 Odour Filter Unit at a sewerage pump station in Lawnton after receiving odour complaints from nearby residents. Extensive odour logging was carried out to assess the correct size odour unit for the site.

Client and Company: Unitywater
Location of Project: Lawnton Sewage Pump Station SPS 143 Lawnton
Contract Date: January 2015
Description of Project: Supply and installation of ZC4000 odour filter at trunk sewer pump station, fences, flat pad and crane hire. Nearby residents affected by discharge from 12m vent pole at SPS.

The site was complex as it was a Truck Collector Pump Station with 3 wet wells feeding into the area. It was creating odour problems for  nearby residents leading to  complaints. The odours were being treated by other odour management systems without success. It was decided to upgrade the station and install a ZC4000 Odour Filter Unit which would extract from all 3 wells.


A  McBerns ZC4000 Odour Filter Unit was chosen for installation, as it would provide the best long term solution. The site first required clearing, then preparing a flat pad for filter and finally the redirection of three well outlets into the the filter’s extraction fan. This involved extensive plumbing work and included re-fencing of the site. All wet wells required correct sealing to prevent odours escaping.

1. Remove vegetation and clear a level pad for filter unit.
2. Arrange tilt tray and Franna crane to position filter unit.
3. Replace a section of 1800mm high chain wire fencing with double gates to access the doors of filter unit.
4. Arrange for 3 phase power to be connected to filter
5. Installation of PVC duct work connected to the extraction fan to remove the noxious fumes from the three pump stations at this site.
6. Inspection and resealing the existing pump station lids to ensure they have a good seal.
7. Commissioning of the unit and monitoring inlet and outlet of the filter unit.


It has been operating for almost 12 months without any further odour complaints.