Installing GM375 Odour Filters at Various Pump Station Locations

Municipalities have installed McBerns odour filters in locations throughout Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States and Asia.

Client and Company: Various Councils and Water Authorities in Australia
Location of Project: Different locations
Contract Date:    Throughout 2015
Description of Project: To Install GM 375 Odour Filters as requested

SITE LOGISTICS: Generally our clients had received odour complaints from the public and therefore required an odour treatment system. Following thorough inspection and assessment of the problem sites, the McBerns GM375 odour filter was identified as the suitable solution. This selection was primarily based on the collected flow rate and H2S data as well as the ease of access, use and maintenance that the ground mount design provides.

INSTALLATION: Each site was different and required a different set of operational plans which McBerns team carried out efficiently. 


The odour complaints have ceased.