LFVP: 4-side Void Protection Access Covers go into Miidura NSW

Wentworth Council NSW contracted McBerns Innovative Solutions to design, manufacture and assist with the installation of two multi-opening Safety Access Covers with 4-side Void Protection

Client and Company: Wentworth Council NSW

Location of Project: Mildura NSW

Contract Date: April 2016

Description of Project: We were contracted to supply our  custom designed & manufactured Access Covers. We assisted in the removal of the old safety grates and railings at two pump stations and installation of 2 multi opening McBerns safety access covers with 4-side void protection.

The site had difficult access as the pump stations were on platforms 1 metre above ground level, so a crane was required to lift the covers in place.


  1. Supply two sealed safety access cover with 4-side void protection.
  2. Remove of the old safety grates at each site
  3. Crane the new McBerns access covers into place, fix in place at 2 sites.
  4. Remove old railings at two pump stations sites


Wentworth Council NSW