Multi-Lid Installation in Coffs Harbour

Coffs Harbour City Council contracted McBerns to custom design and manufacture 4-side void protection access covers for a new pump station at Sawtell, NSW.

Client and Company: Coffs Harbour City Council

Location of Project: Sawtell NSW

Contract Date:  2015

Description of Project: To Install  Safety Access Covers with 4-side Void Protection

SITE LOGISTICS: Installation at an new pump station at Sawtell, Coffs Harbour CC. NSW


  1. Design and manufacture two access covers for new pump station complex. 1/ double opening with 4-side void protection safety grates; 2/ 5 x openings access cover with 4-sided safety grates.
  2. Prepare site for crane to drop covers into place
  3. Install and fix safety access covers into pump station.
  4. Clean up site and commission access covers.


Coffs Harbour City Council