VF300 Vent Filters Replacing Concrete Vent Poles

Queensland Urban Utilities commissioned McBerns to reduce the height of a total of seven 6 meter concrete vent poles and fit with our VF300 Vent Filters. The vent poles were positioned at various points along a 900mm Trunk Main going to Bundamba Qld.

Client and Company: Queensland Urban Utilities
Location of Project: Booval Qld
Contract Date:    Aug-Oct 2015
Description of Project: To reduce the height of a total of seven 6 meter concrete vent poles to a manageable height working at ground level. Seven VF300 Odour Filters were adapted to fit the cut-down vent poles.


Odour complaints had been received and it was decided to put an VF300 odour treatment unit on each vent pole in the problem areas. The project required the removal of seven concrete vent poles that were positioned along a 900mm trunk main, that leads to the Bundamba treatment plant.


Each site was different and required a different set of operational plans. All sites needed a crane to assist in the removal of the poles. Concrete saw was used to slice through the poles at a comfortable height to allow easy access for all future monitoring and servicing.


  1. Crane was fastened to the vent pole and a concrete saw was used to cut through the pole and removed.
  2. An adapter was fitted to the top of cut-down pole to support the VF 300 Filter.
  3. A total of seven VF300 Filters were fitted to complete job.

The odour complaints have ceased.


Queensland Urban Utilities