ZC1200 Odour Filter Installation at Pump Station in Toowoomba Qld

Odour Issues Close to Residents Homes: McBerns was called in by Toowoomba Council to solve serious odour  problems immediately adjacent to residents back fences.

Client and Company: Toowoomba Regional Council
Location of Project: Luck St Toowoomba
Contract Date:    2015
Description of Project: Supply and installation of ZC1200 odour filter at major pump station, close to residents backyards.


Site is located on a busy main road with residences in close proximity to the sewerage pump station. There had been ongoing odour issues with this site.


A ZC1200 Odour Filter Unit was chosen for installation. The filter was installed with all plumbing connections and filled with mixed media and McBerns media cartridges.


  1. Logging was carried out to determine H2S levels.
  2. The McBerns staff were required to work with other contractors and Toowoomba crews to complete the upgrade of the pump station.
  3. A cross connection from both pump stations was installed under the new slab for connection to the filter.
  4. Sound deadening treatment was installed in the fan cover to reduce noise for the residents nearby.

As part of our installation agreement McBerns staff have returned to the site to check the filter operation. Odour logging was undertaken, no H2S was detected on the outlet. There have been no further odour complaints.


Towwoomba Regional Council