Pump Boots

The McBerns Pump Boots are an innovative polyurethane seal designed to improve pump maintenance. The boots overcome problems facing maintenance staff when the pump bowl and pedestal faces on submersible pumps are worn and will not seal. They are quick, easy and safe to fit, so the pump station isn’t shut down for an extended time. This innovation saves time and money and can extend the useful life of worn pumps for many years. So instead of replacing the pump you are only replacing the pump boot.

We also recommend fitting the McBerns Pump Boots to new pumps before installation to prevent wear before it occurs.

PumpBoots are manufactured to suit 220mm(red), 235mm(red), 285mm(red) and 80mm(blue) FLYGT discharge pumps. They are strong, durable and will extend the life of older worn pumps.



McBerns provide pump boots for the following pumps:

  • Safe & Easy to install
  • Reduced Pump Shut-Down Time
  • Used on new pumps can prevent wear & tear
  • Durable, made to handle the tough pump station conditions.
 Pump Boot Measurement Guide pump boot dimension
Red Pump Boot RoundTy 2015
  • Quick, easy and safe to fit

  • It makes pump maintenance a breeze

  • Designed to fit FLYGT Pump Model 3085 TypeCP