Wall Mount Bracket Kit

Wall Mount Bracket Mounting

This is the preferred mounting method as the washer is set to the correct height and spray direction. The washer bracket is fixed to the wall of the pump station the washer heads are set to the correct spray direction top achieve the best wash area.

Generally one spray head points on to the wall and the other is directed towards the pumps and telemetry. If the washer has to be pivoted back to remove a pump or other equipment, it is then simply lowered back into place with no adjustments needed when work is complete. Positioning of the device in the well can be critical to the effectiveness of the wash system.

Configuration of wells can differ greatly, but in general the WellWasher should be positioned in the clearest available space. This  ensures that the rotating arms do not come in contact with guide rails, chains, probes, etc. The mounting bracket is designed to pivot back against the well wall so as not to impede access when a pump needs to be removed.