Without the AutoWellWasher™


Pump stations are hard to maintain and keep fat/grease free. As the sewerage passes through the system it cools and congeals in to fatty molecules which then deposit on the pump station walls and internal infrastructure. In our gallery below are just some of the pump stations we've been asked to fix. As you can see they are in pretty bad shape but not beyond redemption.

Firstly we had to clean the pump station,(even a wellwasher would find this amount of fat hard to deal with, Oh it would but it could take some time!). Then we install the Autowellwasher,  set the spray nozzels to the right angles to target the trouble areas and turned it on. Thats It!

Fat and grease build up and solidify on the well walls, the large fatty deposits break off and fall into the pump station they are then forced through the system. This causes blockages downstream and problems at the treatment plant. It also creates serious corrosion issues with the concrete walls and metal fittings. The level sensors are covered in fatty build up and become less efficient resulting in more call-outs for overflows and breakdowns. Creates odours and extreme health hazards for work crews who do maintenance on and in dirty pump stations.

Why Install the AutoWellWasher™?

  • will keep your pump station fat/grease free
  • reduces corrosion of well walls & infrastructure
  • no more manual cleaning
  • no more pump-out trucks and landfil charges
  • reduce odours
  • reduce confined space entries
  • safer cleaner environment


AutoWellWasher™ keeps a Pump Station clean & fat Free using less that 100 litres of water per day!