ZC3000 Combined Media Odour Filter Units

The Ground Mount Filters use our combined media filtration method incorporating our specially formulated media cartridges, activated carbon and natural minerals to adsorb, absorb and treat the noxious gases in sewerage networks.

The ZC3000 has a smaller overall footprint with increased treatment capacity, extracting odorous gases adsorbing and treating them through our multi-stage combined filter process.

It is designed for trunk sewerage systems and treatment plants. Typical installation sites are sewers over 200mm in diameter and centralised or on-site treatment plants.

The compact design makes servicing and monitoring simpler with only one test point on the inlet and outlet for H2S and differential pressure monitoring. Future servicing is efficient with our easy exchange McBerns Combined Media Cartridges installed in the upper chamber and a blend of activated carbon and natural minerals in the base chambers.

The ZC series odour filters are modular in design and can operate as a stand-alone units or placed in parallel to achieve the designed treatment capacity.

The interior of the ZC Filters are sprayed with a super tough polymer, which is chemical resistant. The lining reduces the corrosive effect of H2S gases on the inside of the odour filters making them stronger and longer lasting.

AIRFLOW:  over 260+l/s
DIMENSIONS: 1100mm x 2400mm x 1560mm
WEIGHT: 650kgs
CONSTRUCTION: powder coated stainless steel


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